Monday, September 21, 2009

No news is good news, I suppose. Her MELD last week was 16 but that won't move her down on the list. She is always tired but who wouldn't be with all she does all day? She finally quit her job at the gym, I am glad even though she wasn't doing anything strenuous there. She has enough to do at home. I still haven't gotten her to sit down with me and try to pull up these great pics....thanks Summer for all your good wishes. Next Hopkins appointment is November.

Robbi's Mom

Sunday, September 6, 2009

September Already

I apologize for being so slow in updates, but no news is good news! Robbi and her family (hubby & kids) had a great summer, went on 2 vacations, one to beach plus a couple of weekend camping trips. Robbi looks great, sometimes her ankles get a little swollen and she has had ascites off and on, they gave her Lasix for that. Itching is not so bad, she may be yellow but who can tell, she has the most awesome tan. Haha. Her doc says she has about 8 months left before her transplant is 'emergent', but you never know what complication is going to crop up to move you up the list. She's still a 17.
Let me see if I can add some pics, have been having trouble with that.

Robbi's Mom

ok, can't get the pics I want to here, need to get Robbi to help me....they're really good ones, too.