Thursday, May 6, 2010

Almost A Liver

Tonight we got the call from Hopkins for Robbi to be "on standby" for a liver, told her not to eat or drink for 2 hours....said if the person on the list ahead of her was unable to take the liver (???) it would go to her. They told Mike it was a "2 hour standby". So we of course all freaked out, and about 1/2 hr ago they called them back and told them the liver turned out to be unsuitable for transplant, so we are back to waiting.
But the good news is that we now know there is one person ahead of Robbi and once she gets transplanted the next liver that's A+ will be Robbis. This happened to a friend of mine and she got her "for real" call several days later, and that was the liver she ended up getting So this means we are SO CLOSE. I guess you could call this a dry run but boy it had my heart leaping out of my chest with every emotion you could possibly imagine when you are waiting for an organ transplant to happen for your child. Also, a reminder to us all that we could getb the call at a moments notice, we have been on "red alert" since Thanksgiving and we had kind of gotten lax with the anticipation of EVER getting the call.
Please keep up the prayers and good thoughts for Robbi to get her call. We are so close now to her New Beginning. Thank You friends and family for all your support.
Hoping my next entry will be news of Robbi being in surgery!!!! :)

Robbi's Mom