Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday February 17, 2010

Today at 10am they are coming in to hang blood in anticipation of her 1pm procedure. She is having and EGD and while they are in there the scope has a little ultrasound on the end of it (ain't technology wonderful??) and they will get a good look at her pancreas. They said an outside the body ultrasound (like when you are pregnant and have one) is 85% but this internal one is 100%. Robbi will be knocked out for the whole thing. This morning she feels alot of pain and is nauseated (nerves, maybe?)
but is bravely ready for her blood to be hung and get this procedure over with.
She has been so brave this whole hospitalization. Did I mention they told her that IF a liver comes in, it's hers. A few days ago her infection was so bad they said she was temporarily off the list, but now they said shes had the antibiotics long enough that although there would probably be a meeting among the surgeons beforehand, she would most likely get then transplant. So as badly as we would like to go home, being here already and her liver coming available would be SOOOOO COOOOOOOL!!!
Thank You to Raven, Robbis sister, for all her love and help with the kids, to Ryan, for all his love and support, and to the spouses of Raven and Ryan oe their love also.
And of course, thank you to wonderful Mike, the best husband in the world and next to me, Robbi's best supporter. We love you ALL.

Robbis Mom