Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday, 9-15-2010 FINALLY!!!!!!!!!

Tonight Robbi got the call we have all been waiting for. They gave her till midnight to get here and her surgery will be done sometime after 6am in the morning. Mike, Robbi, Bruce and I all got here together then split up so the guys could park the cars. Robbi has had an EKG and vitals so far, been asked a lot of questions, and is waiting for the IV team to come up and start 2 IV's on her. She is excited and anxious to get this underway!! I am taking pictures along the way. Mikes kinda a nervous wreck, and Bruce has a car magazine to look at so he's "content but concerned".
I can't believe this day has finally arrived. Her Dr. called her tonight to say hello and wish her luck.
She has only met her surgeon twice. we are, we will either have to sit up in these awful chairs all nite or go find a lobby to crash in cos she has the smallest room on the whole floor, they were full and this was the 'reserve room'. After surgery she will go to ICU for a couple of days and we will barely be allowed to see her at all, or it will be very restricted visiting at least.
I will keep the blog updated throughout.

Robbi's Mom