Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday April 27 2009

Not much going on past few days with Robbi, except her ascites fluid build up in abdomen which will cause the body to resemble pregnancy- ( not octo-mom big!!!!) But bigger than Robbi wants to be, since she has been working hard since Molly was born to get back in shape, and was looking very *buff* before she started to get sick weeks ago. :(. Her transplant surgeon told her she must quit working immediately , last week. Another :(. As of today, she is enjoying the warmer weather, trying to "keep cooled off" (it went from chilly to sweltering here in 1-2 days!!) and doing what she does everyday- carpooling 5-6 kids to and from school every day, and keeping up with Molly all day.
Thank you to friends, family & followers of Robbis blog for the well-wishes. Your comments make Robbi :)smile.
(MELD score remains unchanged)
Robbis Mom