Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowing here today, so pretty. Robbi is having an excellent day, very "peppy" and she worked very hard cleaning today, we got the entire house spotless. All this work is too much for an old lady like me. We didn't get Robbi's MELD score yesterday so now we have to wait till Monday to get it. We know its at least 18 but 19 would make her a contender with one other person for "next available A+ liver."

Thanks for your prayers, comments, and PM's.

Robbi's Mom

Sunday, January 24, 2010

still waiting....

just so you know still no action. we are going vrazy waiting. my mom has come to my house for a while to help me "wait" hehe. i love having her here. she has already done all my laundrey! i dont want her to go home! keep prayin thanks to all who think of us

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday 1-22- 2010 Update

I thought Robbi always COULD put posts on here, oops, my bad, Robbi Now you can post away, Berta.

Last night Robbi was having extreme pain, so bad it was causing her to throw up, so off to the local ER she went w/ her husband. They were there most of the night of course and they did CAT scan and ultrasounds and labs. They said she has a lot of fluid (ascites) around her gall blader, spleen and liver. They put her on Dialudid for pain and told her to stay on it until she sees her transplant doctor. So I updated her co-ordinator this morning and she has an appointment for this coming Wednesday.
As soon as the sleet stops here I am going to go spend the weekend at Robbis.

Robbis Mom

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

robbi posting about robbi

finally my mom made it possible for me to post on here!!! Just wanted to start by saying thank you for all your kind thoughts and prayers and advice!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

STILL Waiting

Well, here we are still. Helps to remember this is not a fast process when its going along like it's supposed to. Better to be waiting for the phone to ring than to be getting an emergency transplant. Lots of prayers would really be cool. Robbi is tired and her big sister has stepped up babysitting for her during the day while Madi is in school, so she can nap all day. Liver disease really saps the energy out of you like you wouldn't believe. Plus Robbi isn't used to just sitting/laying/sleeping all day. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support.
Robbi's Mom

Friday, January 8, 2010

Jan 8 (?) Friday

Had a very encouraging conversation w/ Robbis transplant coordinator today, who I mainly called for her to reassure me that she knew how badly Robbi was feeling at home. Which she is on top of. She indicated it won't be long Robbi is right there at the top of the list, still waiting for right liver right bloodtype and the phone to ring. Robbi is so weak and tired now that she has been sitting on the sofa all day, everyday, trying to run the house & kids from there. So I got off the phone and re-packed my suitcase, which has been sitting by the door packed and ready to go for so long that I found a pair of sneakers inside that I had been looking for since before Christmas. haha.
Please continue your prayers for Robbi, which I know will be answered soon.
Robbis Mom