Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Little Bit of Happy

Several days ago Robbi's Transplant Coordinator called her and told her they had done 2 transplants recently and she has moved up the list a little more :) Also they need an updated MRI for her as she is getting closer to being called for her transplant. We are doing that On July 7th at Hopkins. Getting closer! July 29 is my 9 year anniversary of my liver transplant, wouldn't it be cool if Robbi got hers July 29th also?

Also, I want to thank my friend Sandra for being such a faithful follower of Robbis blog and for all of the encouraging messages she sends. Sandra doesn't know Robbi except through me, and I know Sandra through one of my message boards, Thanks, Sandra, for being such a good and faithful internet friend. As usual, you ROCK!

Robbi's Mom

Friday, June 25, 2010

Update 6-25-2010

Almost hate to write this, because I don't want to "jinx" Robbi's good fortune the past 30 days since her last hospitalization the end of May, but she has been hanging in there and has had no problems with that wicked gall bladder...we had kind of fallen into an approx. every 30 day pattern of the gall bladder attacks, maybe we have fallen out of that pattern for now?? Sure hope so. Robbi's in-laws are arriving today for a 2 week visit. Her sister and I pitched in and helped her get her house ready for company. Even with the 90+ degree days we have been having, Robbi's energy level appears to have improved. Summer is always Robbi's "best" time of year, anyway. She loves the outdoors, loves going tent camping, loves being in the sun.
Next doctors appointment with her transplant team is July 7th. Her MELD remains at 21. (She seems to be stuck at 21!) Thank you for your prayers and good wishes, please don't stop praying for Robbi!

(FYI- Gregg Allman of the Allman Brother's Band had a successful liver transplant, due to Hepatitis C, recently and is doing great.)

Robbi's Mom

Friday, June 11, 2010

June 9, 2010 doctors appointment

June 9 Robbi and I went to see her regular transplant GI doc at Hopkins, who has been on vacation. We were anxious to get the "real" story for this cancerous nodules we were told she had when she was in the hospital a few weeks ago, something her GI doc had not mentioned to us and had us freaked out when we were informed she had liver cancer by an attending doctor at Hopkins last hospitalization.
Her GI transplant doctor told us the 9th that she does have a nodule 1.5 cm that's liver cancer, but "not to worry" (yeah, right) because they really aren't concerned about these types of nodules until they reach 5 cm. In 3 months time, from her last MRI 3 months ago till the one she had a few weeks ago, the size of the largest nodule has not changed. He said this nodule won't even get her any extra MELD points, she remains at 21. :( He told us she remains very close to the top of the list although that spot is 'dynamic' and one day she can be next to be transplanted and the next day she can have 5 people ahead of her, people whose conditions have worsened and are worse off than Robbi. At any rate, he gave her an appointment for July 7 and said he will see her then, if she hasn't already been transplanted by that time. Its very much a roller coaster type ride, for sure. Robbi remains in good spirits and looks good. Her awesome tan hides the jaundice she has, you have to look at the whites of her eyes to see how really jaundices she is.
Please remember Robbi in your thoughts and prayers, and thank You.

Robbis Mom