Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Little Bit of Happy

Several days ago Robbi's Transplant Coordinator called her and told her they had done 2 transplants recently and she has moved up the list a little more :) Also they need an updated MRI for her as she is getting closer to being called for her transplant. We are doing that On July 7th at Hopkins. Getting closer! July 29 is my 9 year anniversary of my liver transplant, wouldn't it be cool if Robbi got hers July 29th also?

Also, I want to thank my friend Sandra for being such a faithful follower of Robbis blog and for all of the encouraging messages she sends. Sandra doesn't know Robbi except through me, and I know Sandra through one of my message boards, Thanks, Sandra, for being such a good and faithful internet friend. As usual, you ROCK!

Robbi's Mom

1 comment:

Sandra said...

You are too sweet.

Got my fingers and toes crossed for this month!!!

Hope the MRI went well! Don't you want to take something metal in there just to see what will happen?

Nine year anniversary for yours.....Wow!!! That's another thing to celebrate!!!

Hugs to my thoughts and prayers always.