Friday, June 25, 2010

Update 6-25-2010

Almost hate to write this, because I don't want to "jinx" Robbi's good fortune the past 30 days since her last hospitalization the end of May, but she has been hanging in there and has had no problems with that wicked gall bladder...we had kind of fallen into an approx. every 30 day pattern of the gall bladder attacks, maybe we have fallen out of that pattern for now?? Sure hope so. Robbi's in-laws are arriving today for a 2 week visit. Her sister and I pitched in and helped her get her house ready for company. Even with the 90+ degree days we have been having, Robbi's energy level appears to have improved. Summer is always Robbi's "best" time of year, anyway. She loves the outdoors, loves going tent camping, loves being in the sun.
Next doctors appointment with her transplant team is July 7th. Her MELD remains at 21. (She seems to be stuck at 21!) Thank you for your prayers and good wishes, please don't stop praying for Robbi!

(FYI- Gregg Allman of the Allman Brother's Band had a successful liver transplant, due to Hepatitis C, recently and is doing great.)

Robbi's Mom

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Sandra said...

Yeah Robbi!!!! Wonderful to hear! I'll go knock on some we don't jinx anything!!!!

Hope you have a lovely visit with the in-laws and a lovely summer! It's my favorite also!! Something about the sun on your face........just seems to soak in and make everything feel right!

Hugs to all and you are all always in my thoughts and prayers!!