Saturday, February 27, 2010

luv from strangers...

jeez what a blessing to have so many people that don't even know me to be praying for me. i think of you guys through out the day and often wonder if i could have made it this far without you and of course my friends and family especially my hubby mom and sister... I'm so ready for all this to be over and for me to get back to my "normal" i feel bad that I'm changing my moms life so much i know she misses being away from my dad and her everyday life but... i have to admit i love having her here and as much as the girls love to torture her they love having her too. so than you again to all the kind and thoughtful stranger out there that make me a part of their prayers everyday.... hope to be posting better news soon!!!!! luv n hugs robbi

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

View Outside Robbis Window- and we are going home

The beautiful old buildings of Hopkins and this time she got a room w/ a nice view.
The docs all just came in and said she can go home today so we are getting that in the works now. No paracentesis. They have added a beta blocker now too. So back home we go to Robbis house. I know her girls will be glad to see her home again. She went down to gift shop today and got each of them a stuffed animal.

Robbis Mom

Well here we are again, you see Warrior Robbi with her 2 big and bad IV's....she was sent here for 24 hrs after a trip to the ER (Local) due to esophageal bleeding. She rode down here to Hopkins via ambulance but Mike and I had to do the drive, quite an adventure but found Robbi comfortably in her room when we got here. At first they were just going to observe her but now they are talking about doing a paracentesis (hole put in her abdominal wall area to drain the fluid (ascites) from her belly) so we will see what happens. Meanwhile they are calling for snow again. Thank You for your prayers for Robbi & her family.

Robbis Mom

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another Emergency

Tuesday- 2-23-10 Robbi to the ER this morning when she woke up and discovered she had bleeding varicies. We knew she had esophageal varicies already but so far they have not bled. Its a very serious and life threatening condition when varicies bleed because of the real chance of bleeding to death. More later. Please pray for Robbi.

Robbis Mom

Friday, February 19, 2010


Robbi was released from Hopkins yesterday, February 17, 2010. They think its her pancreas and gallbladder that have been causing her all these problems, and have put her on pill called Ursidol. Most people who are going to have a liver transplant have their gall bladder out first, way in advance, but there was no time for Robbi, plus she has a bad bleeding disorder.
She will not have to have the PICC line inserted (much to her relief) and will not require 2 weeks of home IV antibiotics after all. Shes very happy to be home with Mike and the girls. I will go up Sunday to get the laundry and housework done.

Thank You again for all of your prayers and good wishes.

Robbi;s Mom


Hepatitis C is a blood-borne illness. This means it is passed from person to person via blood. A few ways to avoid contracting Hepatitis C are to wear gloves if you are going to be coming into contact with body fluids or solids that could contain blood. Daycare workers should wear gloves when changing diapers. Wear gloves when cleaning up blood spills. Insist your medical care personnel (doctors and nurses) wear gloves when coming into contact with you. You have no idea where their hands were just prior to to touching you. Whether you have Hep C or not, you should NEVER share razors or toothbrushes with anyone else.
Be sure you wear protection during sex. Every time. Cover cuts and scrapes on your body with band aids or gauze dressings. Always wash your hands with soap and water and use the little alcohol hand sanitizers when possible. Hep C is very nasty virus ytou can't ever get rid of, but if you take precautions to keep yourself safe, you lessen nyour chances of contracting it.If you do contract Hep C, you should seek out a good Gastrointestinal doctor or preferably a Hepatologist, who is a doctor that spoecializes in the liver.

Time for Education


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A simple blood test ordered by your physician can detect Hepatitis C. You may have to ask for it, as many doctors do not include it in routine lab work.

The blood supply from the Red Cross was NOT safe until June of 1992. Prior to that if you received a transfusion or blood products, you should be tested. Hep C can lay dormant in your body for up to 20 years before it starts to destroy your liver.
If you were ever in the military and received vaccinations via the air gun, you should be checked for Hepatitis C.

Over 1,780 people in the state of Maryland are infected with Hepatitis C. If You ever inhaled drugs through a straw or shared needles, you should be tested for Hepatitis C.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday February 17, 2010

Today at 10am they are coming in to hang blood in anticipation of her 1pm procedure. She is having and EGD and while they are in there the scope has a little ultrasound on the end of it (ain't technology wonderful??) and they will get a good look at her pancreas. They said an outside the body ultrasound (like when you are pregnant and have one) is 85% but this internal one is 100%. Robbi will be knocked out for the whole thing. This morning she feels alot of pain and is nauseated (nerves, maybe?)
but is bravely ready for her blood to be hung and get this procedure over with.
She has been so brave this whole hospitalization. Did I mention they told her that IF a liver comes in, it's hers. A few days ago her infection was so bad they said she was temporarily off the list, but now they said shes had the antibiotics long enough that although there would probably be a meeting among the surgeons beforehand, she would most likely get then transplant. So as badly as we would like to go home, being here already and her liver coming available would be SOOOOO COOOOOOOL!!!
Thank You to Raven, Robbis sister, for all her love and help with the kids, to Ryan, for all his love and support, and to the spouses of Raven and Ryan oe their love also.
And of course, thank you to wonderful Mike, the best husband in the world and next to me, Robbi's best supporter. We love you ALL.

Robbis Mom

Monday, February 15, 2010

In The hospital

Robbi remains in the hospital, they first said she had peritonitis, ruled that out, then said she had infection in her abdominal fluid, but said later that she didn't have 'enough infection' to really count as being the problem. They did CT scan of her
chest to rule out pneumonia (huh???) and then did tell her she has a blood infection which they are treating w/ 2 weeks of IV antibiotics (vancomycin) So we have no idea how long she will be in here, but will keep the blog updated.

Robbi's Mom

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Welll, some news. Robbi had the excruciating gall bladder/spleen/liver pain again and Mike took her to the local ER, and the long and short of it is they are admitting her to Hopkins right this minute to run tests and have here there. I see this as a positive but very scarey developement. I don't know if they are admitting her to Hopkins to wait for the next available liver (like they did me) or if it will just be a few days and they will send her home. I am hoping they don't let her go until she is transplanted. I am going to go to her house and help my brother w/ the kids and then tomorrow head out for Hopkins to stay as long as I need to, as long as she is there. Please keep Robbi and Mike in your prayers.

Robbis Mom

Thursday, February 4, 2010

new addition

This is Jessie! shes a sweet red tick coonhound we just brought home today! We love her so much and shes fitting right in our family....