Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Robbi had her doctors appointment today and she is now officially #1 on the list for the next A+ liver that is available, she's NEXT!!!! 18 months on the list, finally at last!!!!

Now we can hold our breath waiting for that liver to come in.
Thank You for praying for Robbi,and please pray for the family of whoever her donor turns out to be, for having to make such a hard decision and for giving the most precious gift of all, LIFE.

Robbi's Very Happy Mom (can I breathe yet?)

wednesday, September 1 2010

This is Robbis oldest sister Raven, who helps her out so much. THANK YOU Raven for everything you do for Robbi.
Robbi has a regular doctors appt today with her Hopkins doctor. Hopefully her MELD will go up.
She feels so bad, he might even admit her. COME ON LIVER!!!
Thank You to everyone who follows Robbi's on her journey and prays for her. She is a brave strong girl. Hopefully her journey is ready to move into a transplant!

Robbi's Mom