Sunday, December 18, 2011

December 18, 2011

Robbi has been maintaining status quo the past month or so. She is able to keep food down better the past 2 weeks. She has her schedule for days she is to report to Hopkins for the remainder of her testing pre-transplant. Looks like the track for Jan-Feb transplant still remains.

I find her energy level to be AMAZING. She has been able to get out and do some serious Christmas shopping and decorating lately. Of course, always followed by a few days of rest to "recharge". She has attended a church Christmas dinner gathering and is looking forward to going to Hopkins liver transplant Christmas party.

Her family was chosen many months ago to be the recipient of Hopkins "family" to receive Christmas presents and goodies. They are providing her family w/ an entire Christmas dinner, as well as gifts for the whole family. A blessing, to be sure.

The long term effect of Robbi's sickness on her girls has yet to be seen. Her 4 year old was crying at school one day and told the school nurse that "her mommy was sick". Robbi and Mike have not told the girls she needs another transplant yet. All they know is she is sick and needs to rest a lot.

Robbi has continued the Christmas traditions in her family like baking cookies and goodies and is making it as normal of a holiday as possible. I continue to be amazed at her bravery, and ability to get through every day with a positive attitude for her family's sake.

Thank you for all of your prayers and well-wishes and may each of you have a blessed Holiday season.