Saturday, May 1, 2010

Robbi back home 4-29-2010

Robbi was discharged Thursday, they did tap her and I swear she looks 30 lbs lighter. She was carrying 50 lbs of fluid alone on her when she went in. Her knees weren't even visible. The tap was no fun but Mike got it on videotape (ewww grose) and will be putting that up on the blog when he gets a chance. Not for the weak stomached peeps out there, for sure. I'm not watching it cos I couldn't stand to see that done to my child. Anyway shes feeling better and they increased a couple of her meds.
I was hoping a liver would come in while she was there (as we all always do when shes in there, anyway). Thanks for your prayers and good thoughts, sorry the picture of Jessie the dog that Madi drew came out sideways, I am techno-stupid.

Robbis Mom