Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday November 18, 2011

Robbi met with the transplant team regarding her re-listing this week. They are moving forward with the listing process and not making her wait until she has been at zero viral load for 8 weeks as originally planned. She is very motivated and anxious to get all the tests completed as fast as possible. Transplant Team also said she will most likely be transplanted Jan-Feb 2012 rather than before Christmas. They want to get her inpatient and bulk her up as much as possible before transplant. Get some weight back on her.
Robbi's appetite is very good in the evenings but during the day she is very nauseated and does throw up all day long. She is about 115 lbs and is very, very thin. If not for the vomiting she would probably be a healthy weight. She does sleep much of the day away, but she likes to be awake and interactive when the girls get home from school, and she cooks dinner for the family and does as much as she can in the evenings with them. Mike is a great help to her, and allows her to sleep as much as she needs to during the day. They still do family activities and errands together most of the time.
Robbi is extremely excited to start making scrapbook pages for her new album, which she won as a door prize a few weekends ago when her Grandmother, her sister and I attended a Women's Conference. She has been wanting to get started in scrapbooking, a hobby she can do while resting, and while in the hospital, she hopes. She is still collecting supplies and stuff here and there before she starts. She plans to go to a free scrapbooking group 2 x a month at the girl's school.:)
She hasn't lost her sense of humor or her caring and compassionate nature for others as she goes through all of this nightmarish re-transplant process.
Thank You for continuing your prayers for Robbi.

Robbi's Mom

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

Robbi has been resting a lot lately and weighs 115 lbs (she says- she looks A LOT thinner than that to me) past several weeks, the nausea continues (from the treatment) and she throws up 5-6 times a day. That's why she is so thin- she can't keep anything down. Mike has her drinking Ensure. Her birthday was Wednesday
and she even threw up her birthday cake. :(

The good news is her viral load is NEGATIVE zero, meaning she has cleared the virus. Now they will see if she has a SVR (sustained viral response) and keeps it down to zero (undetectable), then when they transplant her she will have none of the virus in her system and when they transplant her new liver (soon, we hope) she will be able to live a long normal life afterwards with no Hep C anymore. :)She is currently re-listing for her next transplant and we will be doing the "waiting for the phone to ring" through the Holidays.

Please remember Robbi in your prayers and pray she gets a new liver in time before the one she has now 'craps out'.

I will continue to update.