Sunday, August 8, 2010


Poor Madison, who has gotten lost in the blog pictures and has barely been shown, she is a beautiful little girl and very smart. She knows her mommy needs "a new part" but that is all she knows, any more info would freak her out. She knows Mommy will have a scar on her belly like Gramma does. Madi is such a sweet little spirit, just like her Mom, she asked her Dad if she could get her long hair cut off short and donate her hair to Locks of Love "so a kid can have hair that has cancer." (And she did, this picture was taken before she got her haircut.) I think thats pretty cool coming from a 7 year old child! She also takes karate, and has gone all the way to green belt and loves to spar, and she's been in it not quite a year!

I talked to Robbi on the phone about 11:30 this morning, she was very sleepy sounding and said nobody has said anything to her today about discharge but they also haven't said she isn't being discharged, she said some of the pain has returned in gall bladder we will see what happens but I have a funny feeling she might NOT get discharged. On the other hand, she has been discharged "in pain" just a few weeks ago with an Rx for pain meds, so maybe that's what they will do...

Robbi's Mom