Friday, September 3, 2010


Robbi had to go to the emergency room again last night due to the pain (gall bladder?). She spent most of the night at the ER, they gave her meds to relieve her pain, and she was discharged at 4am.
Shes home now resting and says the pain is manageable right now. Can you imagine walking around for a year with a bad gall bladder? Anyone who has ever had a gall bladder problem and ends up getting it removed knows what I mean. That gall bladder might turn out looking worse than her poor liver once they get her to the OR. When I had my gall bladder out, the dr. ended up taking pictures of my liver while they had me opened, because he couldn't believe I was still alive with that liver. It was pale and looked like a cobblestone road, nothing like a liver is supposed to look like. I ended up living about another year with that poor liver. I am sure Robbi's is very similar.
The wait will be over soon, it could be any day, we know that for sure, and that sure is a good feeling!

Robbi's Mom