Friday, December 24, 2010

12-24-2010 Merry Christmas

Heres the situation where Robbi stands now:
She started with a bilirubin of 19 (very very high, she was glowing she was so yellow) And they did 3 liver biopsies and concluded that the hep C that had so aggessively invaded her, but had not harmed the liver. Her pancreatitis is resolved and she can now eat food. Her pneumonia is resolved. Her Prograf (her immunnosuppressant) was way to high so they are giving her nothing until it comes down to 19 then they will resume giving it to her. Dunno how it got so high.
Her kidneys are functioning crappy- thick brown urine, but the docs say when her prograf level gets to where it should be the urine problem should resolve. She fell one day going to the bathroom and smacked her forehead on the toilet, they rushed her to cat scan to be sure she had no internal brain bleeding. She is able to get up and take walks in the hallway, now, with my mom by her side.
My mom has been with her 4 days following my 3 days with her. Her sister is on the way as I write this to surprise her with a tree and some gifts. I will go down there the 27th and stay a few days. Three is about all my back can tolerate in the chair/bed they have there. Bruce and I are also going down tomorrow- Christmas Day. We won't be doing the big family Christmas dinner till Robbi comes home.
That's about all there is to update about her. They have done some pretty hideous things to her and she is so brave. I sit back in the corner and bawl cos its so awful to see them do those things to my baby.
I will update when something new happens. Right now shes steadily improving. Thank You Lord for that miracle.
Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to everyone.

Robbi's Mom