Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday April 21, 2009

Friday Robbi was feeling bad so she called her transplant doc @ Hopkins and he said he wanted to see her Monday morning. So we made the trip to Baltimore in the pouring rain yesterday.
He said her liver is "going downhill fast" and give or take she has 6 mos to 1 year before she will need to be transplanted. They did bloodwork and we started on the trip back home. Before we got anywhere near home, Robbi was nauseated and looked terrible. When we got back, she had to lay down, had chills and couldn't get warm, and had a fever.
Mike ended up having to take her to her local hosp emergency room. They scanned her, did labs, etc and gave her some morphine and something to bring her fever down, and some antibiotics for urinary tract infection, and contacted JHH who said she did not need to be transported down there.
So today her hubby is staying home from work to take care of her, and she still feels pretty bad. Hopefully its just a bug she picked up and she will be feeling better soon.
Her next regular scheduled appointment is June. We won't know her updated MELD score till later today, from when they drew the labs yesterday at Hopkins. Her last one was 17.
Thanks for all your well wishes for Robbi.

Robbi's Mom