Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back to Hopkins 5-23-10

Sunday morning Robbi had another attack from gall bladder and ended up going to the ER here, they sent her via ambulance to Hopkins and admitted her to get her pain under control and do the MRI they were waiting for authorization to do at Hopkins later this week anyway. They found out she does have gallstones and her gall bladder needs to come out but its too risky to do surgery right now, as she has very bad clotting factors and their plan is to take the gall bladder out when they do the liver transplant. We also found out she has several/many cancerous lesions less than 1 cm and one that is 1.5 cm, nothing they can/will do about it because all they can do is transplant her, which is the goal we are working towards anyway. We are freaked out about the liver cancer but them, not so much, it seems. They see it all day long, but we don't, and its been really upsetting for us and we really are not sure what each day will bring. They said she will have to keep going through these gall bladder attcks over and over till its her turn for a liver. Apparently they did an MRI 3 months ago and knew then that she had cancerous lesions but didn't INFORM ANY OF US, now they tell us that the new MRI from last night compared to the one 3 months ago shows no growth of the lesions (which they alternately call lesions and/or nodules) which is "good news".
Her MELD is now 22. Seems you get one whole point extra for cancer. I am being sarcastic, but yes, it really is just one point for cancer. Shocking, no?
Robbi is back home now, Tuesday 5-25-10. Tired but glad to be home with her girls and Mike. She was in the hospital for Mikes birthday Monday and tomorrow is Molly's 3rd birthday. Thank You for all of your prayers and good thoughts for Robbi.

Robbi's Mom