Saturday, August 7, 2010

Want Some Great News???

Robbi probably had a gall stone stuck in her bile duct,which caused the massive pain that took her to the ER the other night, and they said they think she has passed it which is why her pain is not bad now. They are feeding her regular food and are saying she will probably be discharged tomorrow. But, the GOOD NEWS is.....she is now a MELD of 23!! This shoots her right up to the top of the list and she was already close to the top anyway. This could be the beginning of a countdown to her transplant very very soon!!! Pray she gets a liver as soon as possible, hopefully in the next week or two!!!!
Robbi's Mom

Paint Your Toe with an "R" for Robbi.....

One of my online friends Sandra painted her toe with an "R" in honor of Robbi. She sent a pic, I think its adorable....

Robbis Mom

August 7, 2010 update

Robbi finally got to a bed at Hopkins last night around 9pm, she started out Thursday night around midnight at her local ER and it took till 9pm the next day to get her in a room at Hopkins. Mike said they took her to ultrasound right away, and later will do a CT scan or MRI. I talked to her about 10pm and she sounded good, her pain was under control but she hasn't eaten since Thursday and was starving, is NPO as usual.
Dunno how long she will be in. Wish a liver would come in while shes there.....
Mike is staying in the hospital with her, Raven has Madi and I will have Molly starting later today. Please don't stop praying for Robbi.

Robbis Mom