Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday 1-22- 2010 Update

I thought Robbi always COULD put posts on here, oops, my bad, Robbi Now you can post away, Berta.

Last night Robbi was having extreme pain, so bad it was causing her to throw up, so off to the local ER she went w/ her husband. They were there most of the night of course and they did CAT scan and ultrasounds and labs. They said she has a lot of fluid (ascites) around her gall blader, spleen and liver. They put her on Dialudid for pain and told her to stay on it until she sees her transplant doctor. So I updated her co-ordinator this morning and she has an appointment for this coming Wednesday.
As soon as the sleet stops here I am going to go spend the weekend at Robbis.

Robbis Mom