Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday June 11 2009 Update

Robbis MELD is still 17 right now, but she is starting to have the problems with itching. She has gone through this once before when she was 16 weeks pregnant with Molly and had liver failure. She was scratching so much she was bloody. I know it might be hard to understand, but Heppers get this itch eventually, and it drives you crazy. First, its here there and everywhere. It seems to be worse at night, and I remember taking a hairbrush to bed with me to scratch scratch scratch.
And the weird thing is, no matter how you scratch, it still itches, which is why people scratch like crazy...I recently heard someone suggest you scratch ANY itch (not just the Hep itch) with an ice cube, the cold numbs it and you aren't tearing yourself up. Now they tell us!!!!! They do have some medications specifically for this hep itch, but trust me, it doesn't work very well, doesn't work everytime, and it must be drank after mixing it with water or juice and its sooooooo nasty. Like drinking orange tang-flavored cement.
The itching is just another step towards transplant, the liver breaks down like an old Ford truck, slowly, sometimes fixable, tricky, etc. It puts Robbi one symptom ahead towards transplant. She really has my sympathy with the itching, its like your elbow and your other knee itch all of a sudden, then it's a spot on your neck, then it's your calf, then it's the bottom of your right foot while you are wearing sneekers and socks and driving a car. Thanks for the support of all our friends, and family.

Robbi's Mom
PS The beautiful clematis...I had to share this picture because nobody got to see it in its short 48 hours under my care in the yard. I don't know why. I planted it (from Home Depot) and 2 days later, dead. Might try another one.