Monday, April 6, 2009

And I forgot to say her MELD score was 17 today.
Today was a very uplifting day, if you can call it that. Robbi, Mike and I arrived at Johns Hopkins and she immediately had her 3D cat scan of her liver, labs (18 tubes!), Surgical consult- met her surgeon and he is wonderful, and we all feet much more comfortable once we met him. She also met her Social worker and her Transplant CoOrdinator, and had a chest xray. The surgeon said he estimates- his best guess because we kind of forced him to tell us- that Robbi has a few months to a year before she will need to be transplanted. She will have a few episodes where she gets worse, and hopefully they are few, and hopefully all the planets will align and she will get her new liver.
Tomorrow she starts off her day at Hopkins with Pulmonary Function Test, a 2d echo, bone denisty scan, Psych consultation and Financial Consultation.
They are very organized at Hopkins and as big and diverse as the hospital is, you don't feel like "you are a number". All of the people who work there are so nice- even to each other!! (Our last experience in another hospital was quite the opposite.) The 2 hour drive down is a drag but hey, could be worse. We wre going to check out taking the metro from Shady Grove or something and see how that goes.
Thank you for taking the time to read about Robbi and offer her encouragement. She is fortunate to have sych wonderful friends and family.

Robbis Mom

April 6 2009