Friday, February 19, 2010


Robbi was released from Hopkins yesterday, February 17, 2010. They think its her pancreas and gallbladder that have been causing her all these problems, and have put her on pill called Ursidol. Most people who are going to have a liver transplant have their gall bladder out first, way in advance, but there was no time for Robbi, plus she has a bad bleeding disorder.
She will not have to have the PICC line inserted (much to her relief) and will not require 2 weeks of home IV antibiotics after all. Shes very happy to be home with Mike and the girls. I will go up Sunday to get the laundry and housework done.

Thank You again for all of your prayers and good wishes.

Robbi;s Mom


Hepatitis C is a blood-borne illness. This means it is passed from person to person via blood. A few ways to avoid contracting Hepatitis C are to wear gloves if you are going to be coming into contact with body fluids or solids that could contain blood. Daycare workers should wear gloves when changing diapers. Wear gloves when cleaning up blood spills. Insist your medical care personnel (doctors and nurses) wear gloves when coming into contact with you. You have no idea where their hands were just prior to to touching you. Whether you have Hep C or not, you should NEVER share razors or toothbrushes with anyone else.
Be sure you wear protection during sex. Every time. Cover cuts and scrapes on your body with band aids or gauze dressings. Always wash your hands with soap and water and use the little alcohol hand sanitizers when possible. Hep C is very nasty virus ytou can't ever get rid of, but if you take precautions to keep yourself safe, you lessen nyour chances of contracting it.If you do contract Hep C, you should seek out a good Gastrointestinal doctor or preferably a Hepatologist, who is a doctor that spoecializes in the liver.

Time for Education


If you have had tattoos, or body piercings, you are at risk for Hep C. THERE IS NO CURE, no vaccines. Treatment is expensive and not available to all, and for most it is NOT EFFECTIVE.

Approx. 10,000 people die annually from this disease. It is the number one reason for Liver Transplants in the United States. Even if you get a liver transplant, all it does is "buy you time", the Hepatitis C Virus remains in your system and attacks your new liver. You are not "cured". Over 4 million people have Hep C, and approx another 150 million people have Hepatitis C and don't even know it. DO YOU??????

A simple blood test ordered by your physician can detect Hepatitis C. You may have to ask for it, as many doctors do not include it in routine lab work.

The blood supply from the Red Cross was NOT safe until June of 1992. Prior to that if you received a transfusion or blood products, you should be tested. Hep C can lay dormant in your body for up to 20 years before it starts to destroy your liver.
If you were ever in the military and received vaccinations via the air gun, you should be checked for Hepatitis C.

Over 1,780 people in the state of Maryland are infected with Hepatitis C. If You ever inhaled drugs through a straw or shared needles, you should be tested for Hepatitis C.