Friday, December 17, 2010


Please pray for Robbi that she makes it through this, its apparently very serious and they have only had 1 patient with this before. Not good. I am more worried about her now than I ever have been. I am going down Monday to spend a night or two with her. Remember her in your prayewrs. She a very sick girl, won't be home for Christmas they said.

Robbis Mom

December 17, 2010

Robbi is back in the hospital. Her bili is 19. Thats very very high. The drs say its the hep C attcking her new liver but don't know why she is having such a severe reaction. Shes going for ultrasound today. Monday or Tuesday they are doing a liver biopsy and if it shows signs of fibrosis in her liver they are going to go ahead and start her on Interferon. The need top get her INR down. Poor Robbi, she just want to be home for Christmas. We will bring Christmas to her in the hospital but she won't be able to see the kids. So sad. Please continue to pray for Robbi.

Robbis Mom