Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

Robbi has been resting a lot lately and weighs 115 lbs (she says- she looks A LOT thinner than that to me) past several weeks, the nausea continues (from the treatment) and she throws up 5-6 times a day. That's why she is so thin- she can't keep anything down. Mike has her drinking Ensure. Her birthday was Wednesday
and she even threw up her birthday cake. :(

The good news is her viral load is NEGATIVE zero, meaning she has cleared the virus. Now they will see if she has a SVR (sustained viral response) and keeps it down to zero (undetectable), then when they transplant her she will have none of the virus in her system and when they transplant her new liver (soon, we hope) she will be able to live a long normal life afterwards with no Hep C anymore. :)She is currently re-listing for her next transplant and we will be doing the "waiting for the phone to ring" through the Holidays.

Please remember Robbi in your prayers and pray she gets a new liver in time before the one she has now 'craps out'.

I will continue to update.


beaux said...

I continue to pray for Robbi and all of your family.

Josie said...

i arrived here from the link in your WS sig.

you are all so brave are in my prayers.

what a beautiful family you have.
sending loads of love across the water to you all!