Saturday, February 27, 2010

luv from strangers...

jeez what a blessing to have so many people that don't even know me to be praying for me. i think of you guys through out the day and often wonder if i could have made it this far without you and of course my friends and family especially my hubby mom and sister... I'm so ready for all this to be over and for me to get back to my "normal" i feel bad that I'm changing my moms life so much i know she misses being away from my dad and her everyday life but... i have to admit i love having her here and as much as the girls love to torture her they love having her too. so than you again to all the kind and thoughtful stranger out there that make me a part of their prayers everyday.... hope to be posting better news soon!!!!! luv n hugs robbi


Anonymous said...


Don't you worry about your mom. I am a mother, you are a mother and the only place we would want to be is with your daughters.Our children are the most important thing in our world. Your father loves you and knows your mother belongs with you. Keep the faith. Stay positive. You are in may prayers.

abbie said...

Absolutely correct no place I would rather be, I just wish I could do more than I do now. It is nice to come home on weekends but I will be with Robbi no matter what day of the week it is when she is sick and needs me. She knows that, I will always be there.

(Robbis Mom)

Anonymous said...

aww i luv you mommy :)

Anonymous said...

I guess we have two anonymous posters now. That I luv you didn't come from me but Robbis Mom you sound like a wonderful women. How long did you have to wait for your liver transplant?

Deleen said...

Hey Robbi,

You have such a wonderful mom. I know you don't need another, but if you are looking for an "honorary mom," pick me! pick me!

Just want you to know how much you are your church family, and I am at the top of the list of your fan club....

We are praying today and every day for the perfect liver match, for a successful surgery, for healing, for Mike and the girls, and most of all for you to just have the peace and assurance that you are in God's hands.

Love you, Deleen

Sandra said...

Wow........every day is just an adventure....isn't it!

Hope you are feeling better!

Thinking of you daily! Got my fingers crossed for that liver for you!!!!

Every time I think of it though I hear Anthony Hopkins voice and think of Chianti wine's a little weird.

Take care of yourself!!!! Hugs to your mom too!!!