Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Well here we are again, you see Warrior Robbi with her 2 big and bad IV's....she was sent here for 24 hrs after a trip to the ER (Local) due to esophageal bleeding. She rode down here to Hopkins via ambulance but Mike and I had to do the drive, quite an adventure but found Robbi comfortably in her room when we got here. At first they were just going to observe her but now they are talking about doing a paracentesis (hole put in her abdominal wall area to drain the fluid (ascites) from her belly) so we will see what happens. Meanwhile they are calling for snow again. Thank You for your prayers for Robbi & her family.

Robbis Mom

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Anonymous said...

Hey Robbi so glad to hear things are going well. My sister also had the paracentesis done. It was over a year ago. Her ascites was so bad she looked pregnant. Her abdomen was very tight and she was short of breath. They removed quite a few liters of fluid. She said it was a very easy procedure with little or no discomfort. Since then it hasn't returned. I am glad the esophageal bleeding is under control. I was hoping you didn't have to have the TIPS procedure done although now that my sister has had it I don't worry as much about her bleeding. It has taken the pressure off the portal vein. Please stay positive and keep the faith. You are in my prayers right there with my sister.