Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowing here today, so pretty. Robbi is having an excellent day, very "peppy" and she worked very hard cleaning today, we got the entire house spotless. All this work is too much for an old lady like me. We didn't get Robbi's MELD score yesterday so now we have to wait till Monday to get it. We know its at least 18 but 19 would make her a contender with one other person for "next available A+ liver."

Thanks for your prayers, comments, and PM's.

Robbi's Mom


Anonymous said...

Hi Robbie,
I stumbled upon your blog this morning and wanted to give you some encouragement. It will get better. i was listed for a year and had my liver transplant just over a year ago. I've been doing great from the moment i woke up from the surgery. My MELD went as high as 32 but came back down to 25 when I finally received the gift of life. I know the ascities sucks. The fatigue sucks but you go on. I'm not a very spiritual person but I had many people praying for me and I know it helped. Your call will come and when it does you will being to thrive again.
If you have any questions about pre or post transplant life you can e-mail me at I wish you luck. Regards, Brad

PSPam said...

Hi Robbi. I stumbled onto your blog and wanted to wish you good luck as well! Getting a liver transplant IS a long drawn out process. I do hope that your "right" liver comes soon! I have MANY transplanted friends who are doing excellent. Some got their livers in as little as a month but most waited 2-5 years. I will keep you in my prayers that yours comes SOON! BTW - You have beautiful eyes but I am sure this isn't the first time someone has told you that :-)