Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hello friends, family, and followers. Not too much is changed with Robbi, she continues to have her regular days at home with the kids, getting her labs done. Her last MELD was 17, last week. We are still waiting to see what this weeks labs are. Since last week she has been started on Lasix and Spironolactone, due to edema (fluid) in her ankles and I think it helps a little w/ the ascites initially, too. Shes taking it a day at a time, she's a strong girl. She stays in close communication with her Transplant Co-Ordinator, who really does become the most important person to you when you are listed for transplant. It's very comforting knowing there are great doctors, nurses, surgeons, and all the others that work as a team for their patients.

Robbi's Mom
MELD- 17, still, as far as we know.....

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Manfred said...

Robbi- my husband just had his liver transplant 4 weeks ago. Meld was 16. We live in Colorado and they don't transplant blood type A until Meld 24 so we came to MUSC in Charleston, SC- a place recommended by our dr. and in network. Manfred was on this list two weeks (had been on Colorado's 4 years). Everything went and continues to go wonderful. he had many of your problems- Ascitis (drained 4-6 liters every week until he had a TIPS procedure). edema after the TIPS and he took every diuretic, problems with kidneys after the TIPS, he also had and probably still does have HEP C. Our goal was to get the tranplant before he had too many complications. I want you to know we look at each other everyday in awe that he got the transplant and it has been such a speedy recovery. out of the hospital in 5 days. We have two boys ages 8 and 9 so we can relate to you on that note. please don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of any help.