Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good News, for a change 5-26-10

OK, heres a bit of potentially good news. Yesterday afternoon after we were home from hospital we got a call from a doc who works with Robbis GI doc, who is on vacation. She said she had called Robbis doc, on vacation, and discussed with him the fact that were told Robbi has multiple nodules cancer) and one 1.5 nodule, etc. HE SAID that the MRI done 3 months ago made him suspicious so he ran another test (can't remember what it was called) and he felt at that time it is NOT cancer. The fact that her MRI from 2 days ago is unchanged from the one 3 mos ago is good. Her liver is cirrhotic anyway and is bumpy and not smooth so maybe the nodules were those bumpy parts, who knows. Anyway this doc said she was calling us because she knew when we left the hospital yesterday we were upset (to say the least) and she wanted to put out minds at ease. She said when Robbis doc gets back from vacation June 7 he will review the new MRI and if he gets a different impression he will let us know. We have an appt w/ him June 9th anyway. SO THIS IS (potentially) GREAT NEWS! NO CANCER, just cirrhosis and a bad gall bladder. I would just like to smack that doc who came and in dropped the cancer bomb on poor Robbi in the most uncompassionate way I have ever witnessed anyone deliver bad news. She evidently wasn't in class when they went over "Compassion and Sensitivity 101."
Thank you for your prayers and good thoughts, which are evidently WORKING so please don't stop!
Robbis Mom

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Anonymous said...

Great news guys, but geez am I barely in the loop these days! Let me know if there's anything I can do...and we started an A+ naughty list's A+, right? just let them do something else, and the liver's yours,lol. If only it were that easy, I definately would. I miss you baby, glad the prayers are working& you're keepin your chin up...I love you so much sweetie! Take it easy, I'll stop by sometime this weekend if you're around.

love, Jamie