Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 11, 2010 Update

Robbi came home Monday, she slept some at first and her sister and I kept the kids even after Robbi got home cos we wanted her to have a little bit of quiet before sending the kids back...she is now perky from what her sister and husband tell me.
She is not pain-free, she still has pain but is managing to "deal with it" as long as it doesn't spiral out of control as it sometimes does, which is what lands her in the hospital again. Thats about all the news I have I really have a feeling we will be hearing they have a liver for her sooner rather than later, it feels so close....
please keep Robbi in your thoughts and prayers. She is being so brave and its hard to watch her get sicker and being in pain. I am still ready but moved my suitcase to the car instead of keeping it by the door, now if I want some articles of clothing I have to go out to my car for it. LOL.

Robbi's Mom


Sandra said...

The toes are pink now and the R is on the right foot now. I'm thinking lime green next! Better not have too many more color changes before that transplant gets done!!! Hurry hurry hurry!!!

Glad to hear Robbi is home!!

Hope you keep your car in a garage otherwise your neighbors are really wondering about you and dressing habits now!!

Prayers always!!! Happy thoughts too!

Sandra said...

Checking in!

Been on my mind and just wanted to let you know that!

Course I can't look down at my toes without thinking of the two of you!!! lol

Hope all of you are getting some rest and doing wonderfully!

Hugs all around!

abbie said...

Look, you need to do them stoplight green, thats the color of the Organ Donor Awareness ribbon. Maybe that will bring us some luck!