Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Couple More Things

Robbi's MELD is now 21. Her MELD went up due to her bilirubin level going up (her amount of jaundice/ yellow color) She has jumped over 2 people on the waiting list as of last week/ this week. She is still very sleepy and is sleeping all day and all night. We are not sure if its due to the pain medicine she had in hospital and has at home now, or if she is starting with encephalopathy. She does have confusion but is so sleepy when I talk to her. I am going up tomorrow to check her out and help out with whatever I am needed for while I am there. Unfortunately you don't get any MELD points if you have high ammonia levels which causes the encephalopathy. (Which I don't think is fair because rising ammonia level is a significant event in worsening end stage liver disease and I think it should be counted for something...) Please remember Robbi in your prayers.

Robbi's Mom


Sandra said...

Would it be rude to sing that song they call me Mellow Yellow song to her???? Might be funny!! I don't know the words or who sings it......hmmmm....would make singing it tough.....Bet it would stick in her head though and she'd smack you though.

Bet the pain meds are pretty tough stuff......Can we get to her chart with some liquid paper or anything and do anything about her MELD points......or a nurse or a doctor we can bribe.....torture.....or possibly take some incriminating photos of?

Still have my purple toe nail polish (so does my and an R on my big toe! Always in my thoughts and prayers!!!

abbie said...

Sandra, Robbi thinks its so sweet you put an "R" on your toe for her.
Has anybody asked you what the "" is for? Robbi said take a pic and post it to her Facebook...

abbie said...

PS I think she'd laugh at Mellow Yellow, but she really didn't look yellow at all to me today!