Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Robbi is hanging in there, she has had some gall bladder pain and almost went to the hospital Monday night= was planning on it Sunday- but felt a little better. Her in laws are here from Missouri for 2 weeks, then they are going home 1 week, then they are coming back to stay indefinately. Such a relief to have them there, 2 more pairs of eyes on Robbi and they can let her sleep all day if she needs to, they know they girls schedules, etc. What a Godsend they are.
Mike told me her eyes are very very yellow. Shes sleeping day and night just about.
I know we have got to get that call soon. We are all on red alert.....suitcases ready, etc.
Robbi says she still feels those bands and in her throat, and they still feel like a tortilla chip stuck in her throat. Ugh, no wonder she eats very little. What she does eat shes really not able to keep down anymore, she just prays her pills stay down. Shes doing the best she can to keep food in her but its hard for her. Like I said, shes a thrower-upper for sure! We had "Girls Night" Friday night here and she barely made it to 8:00pm, she got on the couch with her barf bag and blanket and was asleep all night.
Thank You for your continued prayers for Robbi. It means so much to her that so many people care besides just the people she knows. Shes in awe so many people are praying for her. The picture I attached is not a real recent one but its a familiar sight- Robbi on the sofa with one of the girls- usually Molly- curled up with her.

Robbi's Mom


Sandra said...

Great news about the in-laws. So wonderful that Robbi has so much help.

Been thinking a lot about you. Hoping and hoping the call comes in soon. I've run out of R's for my toes.....need to go get some more.

Still with the tortilla chips......at least give her some queso to go with that!!!

Hugs, strength and definitely a lot of prayers your way.

Hang in there!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Abbie - I haven't talked to you for so long. I think about you and your beautiful family daily and say prayers. I was Hyding Angel at a different forum we both posted at. Dear Robbi has suffered much more than she deserved. Hopefully her journey is almost over. Is she now at the top of the list? How is your health?

My husband saw my screen as I was checking Robbi's status a while back. He now asks me daily if she has had her transplant.

I am not good at words but I hope with all of my heart Robbi gets her chance.