Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday 9-28-2010

So Robbi is healing well, her drains were removed days ago and here she is about 3 or 4 days ago, no bandages are needed and she is moving around pretty normally. I talked to her this morning and she says its the "same old same old", they are trying to get her Prograf (an immunosuppressant)
level right, right now it's too high, plus monitor her blood pressure since she has turned hypertensive, and watch that coumadin. She will go home on coumadin. She always cuts her legs shaving so I hope she is super careful with that. My mom got her a shower chair, if it goes one set of legs inside the tub and one set of legs outside then I hope they are adjustable cos her tub is one of those clawfoot tubs from way back. Her shower at the hospital is small, floor made of some kind of stone, there's no seat and the entire shower floor slopes towards the drain in the middle so the only safe way to shower in that thing is to either stand on the drain or put a towel down and stand on that. Otherwise, when it gets soapy its treacherous. Wonder how many patients have fallen in those showers?
Her recovery just blows me away. I was about 4 mos out from my transplant when I remember walking to the bathroom and sitting on a chair at the sink and washing my face, hands, etc and thought what a big deal it was. Already, Robbi has taken several showers!!!
Mike is still there with her but is maybe leaving today or tonight to come home. She will be SOLO for a few days, her sister wants to go down Thursday and I will babysit my 2 yr old grandson so she can go. I know sometimes once you are on the road to healing, NOT having anybody with you is kind of a relief, you can sleep and do whatever you want, there's not as much junk in the room, etc.
Once Robbi goes home and is all settled in, I will end this blog because I am having it made into a book for her, as a keepsake. I will have to go through 18 months of posts and correct my typos and spelling errors and would also like to figure out how to make it in reverse order, in other words starting at March 09 and going up till now, so it reads more like a book and isn't backwards. Just correcting my typos and spelling errors will probably take a month!


Anonymous said...

So HAPPY that Robbi is doing so well. I am glad she will be going home soon but will miss the blog. I have enjoyed getting to know Robbi and her family. I will continue to keep Robbi in my prayers. May you have a long, healthy, happy life Robbi.

Sandra said...

Wow......that's already a pretty awesome tummy! She's going to be showing that everywhere isn't she? She's not taking that pic in the lobby, is she? lol

I think she should have had the doctors sign it! (ok..maybe not....lol) You know....she could always tattoo a line down the middle at the bottom and go for a peace sign.........

I really just can't believe they were able to do all of that thru that small of a space......it's just amazing!!! What a miracle!!!

What fun all of you must be having......just making all the plans for such s bright future......

love and hugs.....

Gail said...

keep us updated for another month or so...just so we know she and you are ok!

I'm so happy for you!

aka Sneezy form Websleuths

abbie said...

OK Gail, I will do that.


Deborah said...

So happy that Robbi has done so well, what a woman! She will stay in my prayers,

Bad horsie from WS

Gail said...

Thanks Abbie! I feel like really know her and you...I just care and want to make sure you are ok...it's sorta like at the end of a "biography" movie they have a paragraph telling you what happened since the last part of the movie so you know everyone lived happily ever after.