Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 25, 2010

Bruce and I visited Robbi today.. I am so glad my mom is there. I gave her a chest with 40 kinds of tea in it and she and Robbi have been happily drinking the tea and eating christmas cookies. Ravens sister brought her a beauitiful artificial Christmas tree which they decorated and put on the windowsill in front of Robbis window. She has the prettiest window at Hopkins right now. I took a pic of it but am having trouble downloading it just now. Its a drag to be in the hospital over Christmas but my mom has made it special for her. She misses the girls and Mike but they are all sick right now. Robbi is doing somewhat better, the pancreatitis is still present but not as bad as it was. She's waiting for her prograph level to go down then the docs think her urine will get the right color and she can began to shed that extra fluid shes got on her. We are all very optomistic now.
They won't screw anything up with my mom there shes a retired ICU nurse and asks pagefulls of questions. Hooray for Mom. She did the same for me.

Robbi's Mom

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