Friday, April 16, 2010

Update 4-16-2010

Robbi is still waiting. Shes very tired and has been going back down for a nap as soon as she gets her oldest off to school in the morning. She gets up a little around lunch then back down for another nap. Some days are better than others, she still gets out and gets around but not as much as she would like to. The ascites and fluid retention really has her down, as does the waiting. Shes still a MELD 21. There's no way she can run her house and take care of the kids without the help of others. She keeps her spirits up most of the time but she does get down in the dumps a lot too.
We have praying hands by the phone in hopes that call will come soon, and are still packed and waiting for when it does. Thank you for all of your prayers and good thoughts for Robbi.


Anonymous said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

Stay strong!!!

Anonymous said...

hmmmm........if I try and post as anything other than anonymous it gives me an error.........fine

This is Sadie

Having monsoon season here!! Better clear up soon because my dogs have a serious case of cabin fever!! I know I said I love my knew mop......but it's starting to wear off!

Hope your tests went well. there anyone we can send bribe money to.......cakes.....cookies.......dancing girls.....heck....dancing guys????

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you too! Take care of yourself. Hugs to all....and a good scratch to the puppy dog!

abbie said...

The adopted dog has a bad habit of eating crayons. But she is sweet and we all love her anyway.

Robbis Mom