Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday June 30, 2010 Update

Robbi's back at Hopkins again after a night at the local hospital ER due to pain (apparently another gall bladder attack) She and Mike were in the ER all night Wednesday waiting for ambulance transport to Hopkins to be admitted. Finally yesterday evening Mike said they were there and got her in a room. I talked to her but she was very drugged and sounded tired. Poor Robbi. Shes been through way too much. I'm not sure if she will be happier to get a new liver or to get rid of that hideous gall bladder.
Please continue to pray for Robbi, and her family. Her girls miss her when shes gone, and Molly doesn't understand. One day a few wees ago, Madi talked to my mom on the phone and said "My mommy has a drs appointment Wednesday, and she will be picking up her new body part!." :)

Robbis Mom

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