Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday 7-10-2010

Robbi was discharged today. No transplant, obviously. They don't know why she is having liver pain. They gave her pain meds and she is using a warm water bottle for the pain also. She is also on an antibiotic until she gets a transplant. We learned she has a spot on her lung, another thing they have known about, but neglected to tell Robbi. It was a very bad hospital trip this time and Robbi is depressed and feeling down. I know they will be calling her soon but the wait for Robbi is unbearable when coupled with pain and the knowledge that she has liver cancer, some lung spot now we don't know what it is, and the knowledge that the gall bladder could act up any time and put her back in the ER. Please pray for her. She really doesn't deserve all the crap coming her way these days.

Robbis Mom


Sandra said...

Aww man...........wish I could be there to hold your hand....or tag team with you when you are kicking some doctor's ass.........

Sending strength and prayers......hang in there!!!

Love and hugs

abbie said...

Seriously, Sandra, its beyond belief.
If I was 30 yrs younger and not a cripple I would have kicked his azz myself. Its quite the trip.
abbie/ Robbi's Mom

Sandra said...

Abbie.......honey........not a problem......I'm means I can bring a whole lot of people with me...fight dirty......and we only have to bring one car!!!!!

Hope Robbi is feeling better!!! Or as well as she can! Wish I could carry some of the load and pain for both of you.........maybe if we shared it all around it would be easier.......

Thinking of you both all the time! Prayers always!

Love ya!

Sandra said...

Checking in.

Hoping it's a good Saturday for all of you.

Just wanted to let you know I was think of all of you.

Hadn't heard of anyone going postal in a hospital so I'm thinking Abbie has been behaving herself!!!

Stay strong!

Hugs and prayers your way!

Anonymous said...

Hi Abbie,

I'm from, Tam let us know what was going on and asked for prayers. Please know we are praying for your Daughter and you.

God Bless and hugs.

Sandra said...

I'm hoping your mother is painting your toenails Robbi! I told her no putting any Lindsay Lohan special comments on there though!!! You might check her fingernails though!!

Days have been toasty here! Weatherman said it was supposed to rain.......I'm starting to think I would do better if I just watched a show where they had a bunch of monkeys throw darts at a bunch of numbers or weather conditions.....and averaged what they hit and said that was the weather for the day though. I would at least be more entertained and I still bet they would get it right more often. I also kinda think one of our weather guys is a vampire.....but that's a whole other story.

Oh well....there was my rant........take care....stay strong......sending you hugs and strength and happy thoughts always!

abbie said...

haha Sandra, just now reading your last commnet, yes its not beyond me to paint a nail with that "special message" to use WHEN NECESSARY when I have to deal with a dr. acting moronic at Hopkins. Shirley McClain ain't got nuttin' on me (in Terms of Enderament) something in me just snapped.