Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday August 19, 2010

OK, Robbi arrived at Hopkins finally last night (not such a long wait this time, but long enough) and was admitted to MICU which is Medical ICU. She was admitted there due to her possible bleeding varices. She had not had any more bleeding when she got there, since she had been at the other hospital, and even that wasn't bad at all. One thing about Robbi, she is one of those people who throws up and is nauseated due to many things. (I used to be that way too, maybe its just a liver thing). Anyway she got there and was given blood products first, then they did a procedure where they look down into her throat at her esophagus to see how bad her varices is and if its still bleeding. They have to knock you out for this, can't be done while you are conscious. So they had 2 ways of knocking her out, using a cocktail of 2 drugs (I dunno what they are)or using propofol (Michael Jacksons fav). They did the cocktail and she woke up in the middle of it, so they gave her some more, and she still was not knocked out. They were doing this in her hospital room and they were afraid she would quit breathing so they stopped the procedure and decided to do it again today using propofol and taking her to a procedure room to do it. The room she is in today is the medical step-down unit so she is no longer in MICU, but is being closely monitored. She has a roommate. If you want her room number or phone number call me, but that might change too because they might move her one last time to the regular place shes usually in over on Halstead or Osler or wherever it is. Mikes on his way to spend the day with her, Ravens got Madi in the afternoons and I have Molly all the time, everything so far is ok, nobody's lost their minds, Bruce even let me sleep in till 9 this morning and had Molly all by himself for 2 hours. I am still picking hair ties up from all over the house, but that's ok, PopPop didn't know she shouldn't be playing with them.
I will update more when I know it.

Robbi's Mom


Sandra said...

Good grief.

Well.....should I send one sequined glove? Tell her that is one of the side effects of the long as she doesn't start grabbing her privates with should be ok!!

Well....I'm glad the bleeding seems to have stopped. I'm still thinking there's a Dr. McDreamy somewhere up there.......

The hair ties sound really cute. I'm thinking PopPop maybe should have had to pick them up and then I bet he wouldn't forget that trick again.

Love and hugs your way.....bunches of prayers too!!

Anonymous said...

My sister had to have an endoscopy done because of bleeding varicies. It was such an emergency that they did it in the ER without anything to put her to sleep. It is something she will never forget but it saved her life. She said the gastroenterologist brought his own private nurse to assist him and she was trying to put on a scrubsuit and he said we don't have time for that. That's how serious my sister was. My prayers are with Robbi and her family at this time. Keep the faith.