Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wednesday August 18, 2010

Robbi started with projectile vomiting of frank (pure) blood (not old blood, fresh red blood) this morning around 11am, when she was with her sister, thank God. They called me and I said get her to the ER immediately as she has esophageal varices and if she starts to hemorrhage they won;t be able to stop it (since she has about zero for clotting factors). So she got to the ER, and I came flying up the road and got there 14 minutes after the ambulance dropped her off. She had no more vomiting of blood after that and they loaded her up with tons of meds, to control nausea, one to help clotting, some to ease her stomach discomfort, etc plus pain meds. They know not to have any GI Docs touch her at that hospital, we cleared that up a long time ago, so they called her Hopkins doc and he said send her down. So poor Robbi is laying in the ER waiting for an ambulance to get her down to Hopkins. She will be all alone tonight because school starts tomorrow and Mike will have to be home to get Madi off to school. He is dropping Molly of to Bruce and I and we will keep her for as long as we have to. I think Mike will be going up and down the road to Baltimore while Madi is in school then home in time to get her from school, not sure what his plan is. Last time they had to wait 13 hours for an ambulance to come and take them down, because the ambulance doesn't come for her until they have a definate room number fo her at Hopkins.
Please keep Robbi in your payers, when I left her she had 2 IV's in one arm, and was getting sleepy and eating ice chips. I will keep this updated.

Robbi's Mom


Sandra said...

Oh goodness......that is just horrible and sounds sooooo frightening!!

Can't even imagine!!! 14 minutes.........I swear....you are going to be able to try out for some NASCAR team after this! Driving without street lights and stop signs will be a snap for you!

Oh gosh...and yesterday was your birthday wasn't it.......wow......SURPRISE!!! Tell her to get you something else next year!!

Hugs.....calming breathing also......and always prayers and love going your way!

abbie said...

Yeah at one point I was behind this REALLY slow lady and there were 3 cars ahead of me so I was waiting/ hoping those 3 cars would eventually turn, they finally did and I passed her so fast...then it was zoom zoom the rest of the way. I thought about flashing my flashers, flashing my headlights, honking my horn and making the "get out of the way/ pull off the road" hand gestures but didn't. Robis ok today. Updated the blog.