Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday September 19, 2010

Today was another big day for Robbi, because she was moved from Surgical ICU to the Transplant Floor, into a regular hospital room. Its a bright sunny room and over there its only one patient per room. She seemed to improve so fast, by the hour she was getting better with pain control, they were taking IV's out, letting her drink fluids, she was moving around in the bed very well (scooting up, sitting on the side of the bed, etc.) Her surgeon said this is how it's SUPPOSED to go, and its going well because Robbi is young and was healthy before she started getting sick. He said she is doing remarkably well though and he is very pleased. She was happy to see some of the same nurses that have taken care of her the past year during her many hospitalizations. Her face is back to its normal size, all the edema has moved south, and I take a picture of her every morning because the difference in her face day to day is so incredible. Today she looks just like good ole' Robbi, you half expect her to throw on clothes and just walk out of there. Her two lines, one on either side of her neck, were removed in ICU the night before she moved over to the Transplant floor, only the central line is still in. Her color is pink and perfect, even her eyes are white again, not the yellow color we have been looking at for so long.

Robbi's Mom

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