Monday, September 20, 2010

Last batch of pics for now

"THE SURGICAL SCAR" which Robbi has waited for so long for. She and her sister counted them twice- 64 staples. It is commonly known as the "Mercedes Benz scar", as you can see by the shape of it. You could probably buy a couple of Mercedes for what this surgery costs.
Here we are saying goodbye to Robbi just before they take her into the OR. We are trying hard not to cry in front of her, as you can see, her mood is quite different. She can't wait to get started!
(Her Dad Bruce in foreground)

Probably the longest walk Mike ever has or ever will make, pushing Robbi in her wheelchair to the OR.
This pic was taken while we were "holed up" in the hospital room before transplant, sometime between 11:30am and 1:30pm, while the drama unfolded above us with the gunman/ family member who shot the doctor, then killed his mother and then himself. We watched it on CNN and also out the window.
We had to stay "locked in" from 11am to just after 2pm. It delayed the start of her surgery by 2 hours.
Raven snuggles with her little sis Robbi during the long nite Wed/ into Thursday morning. We got to Hopkins around midnight Wednesday night.
Robbi's note to the Transplant Team, to find after putting her under anesthesia and taking off her gown. Her surgeon later reported they were amused.

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Sandra said...

Too funny about the note! Should have asked for a side of fries also!

Mercedes.....huh? you are more in the Ferrari range or higher!

Such great pics. Thanks so much for sharing.

Still haven't figured out how to post a pic on this.....course I think Snoopy is still on the

Much love and hugs