Friday, October 1, 2010

FRIDAY, October 1, 2010

Today Robbi came home from the hospital. She called me on the way home, about 2:30pm, excited they had given her a yellow Johns Hopkins duffel bag with her "stuff" (meds, glucometer, etc) in it. Excited to be on the way home, and assuring me that she DOES take her immunosuppression serious, and in fact was wearing a mask at that moment. I was :) to hear that.
I am going to her house tomorrow for about a week and will probably feel sooooo different being there taking care of her, the kids, and the house POST OP than I was during the long, long wait.

Soon her new real life will start, after she has healed a bit, certainly before those staples come out, but soon. She is so concerned about her girls seeing anything icky such as her neck bruises, etc., that she was covering them with band aides in the hospital before she was discharged. But I wonder how they will react to her surgical scar and the staples? At least her 8 year old, who is so tender hearted I would not be surprised if I am told she cried when she saw it. She won't even step on an ant, she relocates them. I have shown Madi MY scar (much older and healed of course) to prepare her that Mommy will have one like Gramma. Madi doesn't even know Mommy had a LIVER transplant, she only knows Mommy needed a new BODY PART and thats what was making her sick and thats what we were waiting on. Never any question from her what the part was, where it was coming from, how would they get it in there, nothing. Thank God. Maybe Robbi will decide to not show them her surgical scar, I dunno.

More tomorrow.

Edited to add: Robbi loves her room and said she cried when she saw it.

Robbi's Mom

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Sandra said...

WOO HOO!!! That is so cool.

I'm sure the kids are just going to be so excited that their mom is home and doing so well....they won't be too worried about the bruises and other stuff. Maybe you could draw some lines on their tummy so they can relate a bit to it and not be so afraid of it. ....if they are. Also give them something to share with their mom.

Relocates ants.....interesting. Considering how many are usually together....that must take awhile. You have to get that on film......will be truly priceless later.

What a wonderful time all of you must be having.......was so rough for so long all of you must feel 100 lbs lighter!

Still have my thoughts, prayers and love going your way!

hugs always!