Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friday October 8, 2010

:) Today Robbi had her first POST TRANSPLANT clinic appointment at Hopkins. She will be going to clinic once a week for the first month she is home, then that changes. She gets labs done twice a week at her lab near her house. Her first clinic visit was AWESOME. Her mother in law from OK is up for 2 weeks, and she took Robbi. (Robbi is still now allowed to drive because she is still taking pain medication)
Her LIVER FUNCTION TEST labs were PERFECT. Her levels for her immunosuppression meds were PERFECT. Her incision is PERFECT, in fact her surgeon (who will follow her for the first year post transplant then she is followed by her Hepatologist) removed one staple at the end on the left (her left) and the top 4 staples because she couldn't wear a bra or even a sports bra without that area being irritated. He said next Friday he will take all of her staples out and put steri strips on and he said it was a great looking incision. Guess I have to stop nagging her to keep her hands off of it. They portioned her meds out in her med box for her for the next week. How cool is it that they do they, until you learn them all yourself (and they change anyway)?? Wish my transplant hospital had done that, my poor hubby and Mom had to do that for me. She is managing her steroid-induced diabetes well, her bloodsugars, etc and she has even taught Mike how to give her insulin and he does it like a real pro. She uses the Insulin pen, which looks kind of intimidating to me. Shes a brave girl, I am sure I had Bruce giving me injections but I don;t remember it, and the thought of him coming at me with a needle now is kinda scarey.
So, first week at home DONE. One day this week she opened a cupboard and a HUGE ceramic mug fell out (those 3 lb mugs) and landed right on her incision. Thunk.
I am so proud of Robbi. Its not easy the first few weeks/ months with a new organ, the meds and labs and incision and all the other things that go with transplant. Shes doing so well with it all, PLUS the kids, PLUS the husband.....amazing woman!

Robbi's Mom


Sandra said...

Absolutely awesome!

I would expect nothing less!!! After all she has been thru this has to be a breeze!!!

(I think she has an amazing mom too!)

Gail said...

I'ts great to hear she's doing so well! I'm so happy for everyone!